Fast Times and Fast Planes

Those who are living in our area have most likely been to see the Blue Angels this past weekend and enjoyed the show. We are looking forward to more performances from this year, such as the one for “homecoming”.

Barrons Property Managers is a big fan of the Blue Angels and they are flying as fast as our rentals right now.

In the past30 days we have rented over 10 properties and have multiple applications on several other locations.

We are proud to provide our owners with exceptional property management services. For the year 2022, we have over 25% more properties than we did last year at this time.

Our tenants are also a top priority, weather it be walking you through the application process, the move in process, maintenance requests or lease renewals.

Contact our office today at or 850-934-2588

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Spring Showers

We have been having a lot of rain lately and while it is nice to have a cool down from the heat of Florida, there does need to be precautions to protect our homes and our belongings.

Make sure to bring in flowers or plants

Tie down any large patio furniture or bring them into a covered area

Make sure windows and doors are dealing properly and not allowing water intrusion

Trim back tree branches and limbs away from buildings

We hope you get through this rainy time and are ready for a HOT but FUN summer!

Make sure to check for updates, fun tips and more.

Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Google #BarronsPM

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New Office!

Our office has recently undergone a big remodel and while we are still getting the last little bits together, we are ready to have our Meet and Greet on April 29th from 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

Our business partners and friends will be here and it will be a great opportunity for you to learn how our company can make your life easier, meet some of our confidants who we trust and would recommend to anyone.

See you there!

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Spring Break

Although we had a cold start to our local spring break, and now rain, there is still plenty to do.

The Blue Angels returned home yesterday and did a fly over of the beach, we are sure you saw them either in person or on social media.

Since Co-vid has started, movies are premiering with at home subscriptions, such as Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu, so make sure to check in there for new releases.

There are some new restaurants open on the beach, Pensacola, Gulf Breeze and surrounding areas. Check out for info.

The annual carnival is in Gulf Breeze for the week, so when it stops raining, make sure to take the kids and ride the Farris wheel!

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Valentines Day to your property

Normally we give valentines to our significant others, but how about showing some love to your rental property or home?

Valentines Day means we are getting closer to spring and summer, so its a good time to get a jump start on spring cleaning and maintenance.

  • Pressure washing decks and patio spaces, siding, etc. will greatly improve the curb appeal of the property.
  • Schedule for your sprinkler system to be primed and ready for regular use in the warmer months.
  • Clean or replace door mats. When water sits on the door mats they start to discolor and are no longer at the top of their game for dirt collection.
  • Clean out the gutters from all those leaves and pine straw.

Give some Valentines day love to your property and make sure it is ready for Summer BBQ’s and pool parties!

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Summer Fun

Pensacola has so many great actives for you, friends and family to do.

If you are new to the area, make sure to check our some staples

  • Bands on the Beach – Casino Beach Pavilion Tuesday beginning at 7.
  • Gallery Night – Downtown Pensacola – the 3rd Friday of each Month.
  • Big Kahunas – Destin – Water Park – Daily
  • Naval Aviation Museum – NAS Pensacola – Daily 10am – 4pm
  • Fort Pickens – camping, fishing, swimming – daily Dawn – Dust
  • Blue Wahoos Game – Baseball – Maritime Park

Check out all the fun things to do here-

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Hurricane Season

We have entered the hurricane season for 2021 and we are expected to have another year of higher than average storms. While we may still be dealing with the aftermath of Sally, we must prepare for this new season and get ready.

Make sure to check your hurricane preparation guides and get your supplies ready.

Tenants of BPM can read over the “evacuation notification” addendum of their lease, for the event they must leave the area.

Keep a check on local weather stations and NOAA.
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Is a Professional Property Manager worth it?

For those owners who are self managing or contemplating hiring a professional, we have put to together some bullet points we have come across while taking management of a previously self managed home.

Paying vendors and tax deductions: our company tracks and logs all maintenance requests and all transactions and payments to vendors. When tax time comes around, we send you a yearly cash flow statement that illustrates what you made in rent income, what you paid for repairs, etc.

  • Let’s face it, no one likes paperwork. A DIY-er who pays vendors directly will have to hold on to A LOT of paperwork, receipts, check logs, etc. and will have to calculate the figures themselves.

Are your vendors really qualified? There are many websites to help you locate vendors for your projects, but are they licensed, bonded, insured? Do they have experience in doing this work? Are the employees trust worthy?

  • We have come across a lot of home owners who are just tired of vendors giving them the run around and completing un-needed work or overcharging. We have worked tirelessly over the years to find the best vendors, who are highly skilled and have the qualifications.

Do you know all the legal rights of owners and tenants to follow for local, state and federal laws?

  • There are some laws that all owners must follow, and there are some that all tenants must follow and you might be surprised to hear from of them. For example, in the state of Florida, all properties must have secure, and working window screens on all windows. If a tenant asks you to have them installed or to repair them, owners must do so.
  • We have also come across some owners who want very specific renters for their properties. Renters are protected from being asked items such as medical history, ancestry, disability, marital status etc. There are also restrictions on what items you can deny a prospective renter for including bankruptcy, criminal history, etc.

Hiring a professional Property Manager is worth the money, because once you get in a “sticky situation” or no longer know who to proceed, it could end up costing you thousands of dollars in legal fees, or repairs etc.

If you are still unsure if you want a professional, please feel welcome to contact our office any time to ask any questions! 850-934-2588

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Spring Forward

Don’t forget to change your clocks on March 14th, as Day Lights Saving Time begins.

That is also a good time to change your air filters and check all your smoke detectors batteries for proper operation.

Maybe even plan to start your Spring Cleaning!

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Six More Weeks of Winter

Hello Tenants and Owners!

This week was Groundhog Day and Mr. Punxsutawney saw his shadow this year, so we have 6 more weeks of winter coming our way.

Next week, we are expected to have the coldest days of the season, hopefully the forecast changes, but we need to be ready to bundle up and wrap our pipes, bring in plants and flowers.

We are looking forward to getting back to “Florida weather” with maybe a little less rain.

Talk soon!

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