Tenant Benefit Package

The new Tenant Benefit Package took effect on Oct 1st, as our tenants know. This new service is a great feature for renters and provides the opportunity for to better your credit, set up utilities, and get (free) stuff.

One of the changes is the filter shipments that are made to the property. They were previously made monthly. We have no integrated to quarterly shipments. The shipment will now contain 3 months worth of filters.

Once change is the dissolution of the Annual Technology fee of $36. This is no longer an up front cost. We have packaged this cost in the price of the Benefit package in an effort to reduce up front costs associated with renting.

The multiple payment methods is also available to tenants. Online payment options are via credit or debit card, or with the E- check option. This E-check option has no processing fee associated with it. Tenants may still lose the privilege to pay online if there is to many late payments, or if there is an NSF payment made, it is immediately revoked.

Our software allows for automatic rent reporting to the credit bureau. When you pay on time, you are putting in the effort to raise your credit score and you might not even know it.

You are also allowed 1 late fee forgiveness and 1 NSF fee forgiveness. Late fees are 10% of the rent collected, and this allows one time waiving of this charge.

The new Package starts on new leases and at renewal time for any lease beginning on or after October 1, 2020. Check out the new Tenant Benefit Package page under the tenant drop down for more info.

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