Tenant Benefit Package
$29 / Month

Barrons Property Managers has created this Package to help residents protect themselves and offer convenience for all aspects of the rental process and experience. This program is designed with the tenants best interest and needs in mind. The package is required for all tenants and is $29/month.

Filter shipments.To be made quarterly. Each shipment will contain 3 months worth of filters for your home. Tenants are then responsible for installation of air filters monthly in compliance with lease agreement.

NOTE: Tenants who's owners have opted out of this service will not receive filter shipments, but are still required to pay the full amount of $29/month. It is the owners sole right to opt out of this program.

Tenant Portal Facilitation Tenant Portal allows for 24/7 reporting of maintenance, online document signing and viewing, notice submission, payment history records, payment of funds due and more.

Multiple Payment Options. All residents are given the option to pay rent in person, or online. Online rent payments have the option to be completed with a credit/debit card, a processing fee is required. Another online option is E-CHECK. Residents are also given the option to pay with certified funds (bank check, money order) or a personal check. Automatic payment can be set up for tenants who wish to do so.

Rent Payment Credit Reporting. All rent payments will be automatically reported to the credit bureau.  This is great way increase your credit scores, just by paying rent on time.

One Time Inspection Cancellation Forgiveness. All tenants are given a one time fee forgiveness for missing a scheduled inspection due to a prior scheduled commitment. Per the lease agreement, a missed inspection fee is $35.00, per missed inspection. A notice of at least 24 hours is still required.

One Time Late Fee Forgiveness. All Tenants are given a one time fee forgiveness for a late rent payment. Standard late fee is 10% of the monthly rent.

One Time NSF Fee Forgiveness. All tenants are given a one time fee forgiveness for a NSF (non-sufficient funds) payment. Per the lease agreement, a NSF fee is $75, per bounced payment

Utility Concierge Program. BPM has partnered with Citizen Home Solutions to assist new and current tenants in set up of required utilities and amenities including water, power, trash, internet, cable, security and more. 

Tenant Liability Insurance. All tenants are now required to carry a minimum of $100,000 of tenant liability insurance for certain damages to the Landlord's property during the term of their lease.

To Satisfy this lease requirement for Liability Insurance, you have two options available.

Option 1: Purchase a minimum $100,000 or Tenant Liability or Renter's Insurance from a licensed agent and provide proof of coverage to Barrons Property Managers.

Obtain and maintain Renter's Insurance that meets the coverage requirements outlined and provide us with Proof of Insurance naming our management company as an "Additionally Interested Party"
Cost: Depends on your provider

Option 2: Do Nothing - you will automatically be enrolled in our Tenant Liability Insurance Program through our Preferred Vendor.

This is an easy and low-cost way to meet your lease requirement but does not cover your personal belongings. The monthly premium would be paid each month with rent. (further details below)



Tenant Liability Insurance Program Details:

The coverage provided by our tenant liability program meets the minimum requirement of the lease. The policy offers protection from accidental or negligent damage to the Landlord's property associated with the perils of FIRE, SMOKE, EXPLOSION, WATER DAMAGE, or BACKUP or OVERFLOW OF SEWER, DRAIN, or SUMP- up to $100,000.

What is the Cost:

$9.00 Per Month - Per Home, plus a $3.00 Monthly Admin Fee, which is already included in your tenant benefit packet. If you have coverage through your own provider, the premium of $9 will be deducted from the package price.

What Does It Cover:

This policy offers protection from accidental or negligent damage to the Landlord's property associated with the perils of FIRE, SMOKE, EXPLOSION, WATER DAMAGE, or BACKUP or OVERFLOW OF SEWER, DRAIN, or SUMP- up to $100,000 per occurrence with no aggregate limits.

Are We Required to Obtain This Insurance:

Yes. The Landlord requires coverage of $100,000 per lease agreement. Tenants may opt out of this coverage by obtaining a similar policy from their own insurance company of choice. Or you can do nothing, and this coverage will be added to your monthly payment automatically.

How is it Different Than Renter's Insurance:

The standard HO-4 policy, more commonly known as renter's insurance, only covers contents for the Tenant inside the rental home and may only offer some liability protection, if any. However, with most Renter's Insurance policies, if there is a claim for damage to the home from the tenant negligence, the Landlord's insurance would have to cover the loss.

Is My Property Manager an Insurance Salesperson?

NO. Your property manager is not a licensed insurance salesperson.

Does This Cover Any Of The Contents of My Home:

NO. We encourage all residents to seek out Renter's Insurance to specifically cover their personal contents inside their home and vehicles.

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