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If you are leasing a property through Barrons Property Managers, and you have an issue at your property that requires maintenance, then please click to access your account. Your Lease requires that all maintenance requests be submitted in writing. Completing this form will comply with this requirement and allow us to coordinate the required maintenance in a timely manner. If you need help with your account, please call Monday - Friday (9-5)

Emergency Maintenance:

Issues that constitute an Emergency: Anything related to the property under lease that is an immediate threat to life, health or the property. If the situation is life threatening, please call 9-1-1 immediately and report to us after the situation is under control and the authorities are on the scene.

Gas Smell: If you believe you smell gas, please walk outside and call The Gas Company . Ask other residents to remain outside until gas company personnel arrive on the scene. Do not do anything that may cause a spark including ringing doorbells or using electronic devices.

Power Outage: If your power (electricity) is out, please call The Power Company 

Examples of severe emergencies that require our immediate attention: fire, flood, sewage back-ups, roof leaks, lightning strike, broken water pipes, a fallen tree onto the house, etc.

Please Note the following important messages:

If you claim you have an emergency and we discover that one never existed, you will be charged the service cost from the contractor who responded to the call. Unnecessary calls will cost you money. Do not call after hours unless a true emergency actually exists.

If we discover through the contractor that the problem is one of your making, then you will be charged for the entire cost of the service call from the contractor.

If you make an appointment with any contractor and you or a person 18 years old or older are not present when the contractor arrives, the contractor will not enter the property, unless you have authorized permission for contractors to do so, and you will be charged a fee as described in your lease for the trip charge.

When filling out your request, please make sure that we have your best contact phone numbers as the office staff or the contractor will call to seek more detail about the problems that are occurring at the property. Failure to respond to our calls will simply result in extended delays in someone getting out to the property.

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For individuals with assessability needs, please contact our office for assistance at 850-934-2588 or

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