Tenant Frequently Asked Questions


How do I secure renters insurance?

We strongly suggest that you get renters insurance, which can be found for under $25 a month. You can typically secure renters insurance with the company who has your car insurance policy for a discount. Should you need assistant with this, just let us know. Please remember, Barrons Property Managers is not liable for your personal property in the event of a disaster.

What if my room-mate moves out?

You will still be responsible for the monthly rent payment. It is possible to have a new room-mate move into the property; however they must apply and be approved beforehand. Please contact our office before anyone vacates the property.

What do I do at the end of my lease?

If you plan to move out of the property, you will need to submit a 30 day written notice to our office. This can be done via mail or email. Once we receive that document, we will send you the move out instructions and procedures.

If you plan to renew your lease, you will receive an email from the BPM office staff about your new rent terms, and if you are planning to renew, we will generate and send the new lease out via email for you to sign. As a reminder, anyone over 18 must apply and be approved to live in the property, this includes children who are recently of age.

Can I make upgrades to the property?

Before any changes to the property contact BPM, owner approval is required before and changes can be made to the property. This includes painting.

Can we have an above ground pool or trampoline?

No. These items are restricted due to owners insurance and liability.

Can I get a pet after move in?

All pets must be pre-approved before they can even visit the property. This includes a friend or family members pet. Certain properties will allow for pets, but all fees must be paid.

If you are found to have an un-vetted animal in the property, pet fees will automatically be charged to your account and you are now in violation of the lease agreement.

What if my rent is going to be late?

Rent is due on the 1st and late on the 3rd of every month. After the 3rd there will be late fees posted to your account. Please make arrangements to have the rent paid by the 3rd of every month. If this does occur, please make sure to communicate with BPM so we are aware of the situation.

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For individuals with assessability needs, please contact our office for assistance at 850-934-2588 or notify@barronspm.com

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