Owner Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I hire a Professional to manage my home?

Professional management is so much more than collecting rent. Some issues you might face while handling your owner properties

  1. Maintenance calls all hours of the night, some might even be real emergencies, most wont.
  2. Good tenants that you would never expect turn out to be horrible renters
  3. Being overcharged by handy men, Plumbers, Electricians
  4. Evicting a tenant legally
  5. Death of a tenant, now what do you do?
  6. Tenant claims there is mold in the unit, how you do respond?

What we handle for you on an everyday basis

  1. Maintenance and emergency repairs, so you sleep easy at night
  2. Collection of delinquent rent, we take the abuse from tenants, not you.
  3. Understanding and following federal, state and local laws.
  4. We have licensed professional agents that manage your rental investment for you. Spend your time on more important issues. Barrons Property Managers are 100% committed to your property needs.

Will there be regular inspections of my property?

A "Move- in Inspection" is completed before a new resident moves into the property. We will also complete annual renewal inspections when the tenant resigns their lease agreement with BPM. A "Move-Out inspection" is completed when any tenant vacates the property.

If the tenant has pets there will also be semi annual pet inspections completed. These are paid for by the tenant and do not include pictures of the property.

Do you use direct deposit?

Yes, we actually prefer direct deposit over checks.

How do I access my owner statements?

Monthly owner statements are in the owner portal. To find them, you will sign in using the link at the top of this page.

How do you screen applicants for my property?

All tenants are screened via a third party company who is very through in finding all information available about the applicant. What do they look for?

  • Current landlords and previous landlords are contacted to insure there is no personal relation to them, and to verify the rent paid and the condition of the property.
  • Employers are contacted to make sure the income requirement is met. We require that tenants make a gross monthly income of at least three times the monthly rent. We will not combine incomes unless for a married couple.
  • Self Employed applicants must provide their most current tax return.
  • A credit check and a background check will also be completed for each perspective applicant over 18 years old. Should there be some unacceptable information found, the application will be declined for said reason.

What if my tenant doesn't pay rent?

Tenant problems - Barrons Property Managers policy is to obtain good tenants, eliminating many tenant problems. However, even good tenants have problems. BPM treats each problem with common sense approach, follows landlord/tenant law, and uses the appropriate documentation. If the situation turns serious, BPM contacts the owner, and works to find a solution for the problem.

Legal action - Although BPM works diligently to avoid the necessity to begin an eviction proceeding, it can happen. In the event any legal action is required, BPM will contact the owner prior to taking action, discuss what is needed, and obtain owner authorization. We follow all legal guidelines for eviction. We continue to follow through until the tenant either pays or leaves.

Do you keep current tenants?

Barrons Property Managers goal is to ensure the owner with a responsible tenant. At the time of lease renewal, all tenants will be contacted at least 60 days prior to lease expiration, should they want to renew under the new terms, and we will prepare a new lease and send it out for singing.

If a tenant decides to move out of the property, that is their decision, BPM does require a minimum 30 day notice for vacating the property.

If you, the owner decides not to offer a renewal to the current tenant, we require at least 45 days' notice to give the tenants that the lease will not be extended after the expiration.

What if a tenant needs to be evicted?

Barrons Property Managers will not start the eviction process without written consent of the owner of the property. Any fees associated with eviction are the owner's responsibility, however we will file any paperwork needed.

Do I have to arrange for repairs or do you?

Our team of property managers will oversee all maintenance and repair issues. If repairs exceed the approved dollar amount stated on your management agreement we will contact you for approval first. We will only use licensed and insured contractors.

What constitutes an emergency?

An emergency consists of eminent damage or danger to the property. Tenants are first instructed to contact local authorities. Tenants are given a handbook at the time of move in which will help them in these situations.

As a Florida resident, tenants and owners should know about hurricane season, which is from June 1st – Nov 30th. We will alert owners via email in the event of a storm forecasted to our area.

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