Lease fee Guarantee

Our lease fee guarantee is a promise to our owners, that when we secure a tenant for your property, the owner will not be charged a leasing fee twice in the same 12 month period should that tenant move before the end of lease.

We guarantee that if a tenant we place in your property moves before the end of their 12 month lease, you will not pay 2 leasing fees.

For example, should the tenant we placed in the property move 9 months into the lease agreement, we will reduce and prorate the leasing fee, since you only received 9 months’ worth of value from the original leasing fee.

So when the property goes to be re-rented, we will pick up and cover the other 3 months of the leasing fee that you did not get the value from. And you will only pay the remaining amount.

This does not include the active duty military tenant who receive orders out of the area or any tenants who we did not place in the property, for instance, if we inherited the tenants when taking over management of the property. We stand behind our tenant screening process, and believe we are finding the best tenant for your property.

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