Resuming Normal Schedule

As states reopen, Barrons Property Managers is working to get back to normal as well.

We are starting to scheduled and coordinate inspections for renewals and pet inspections as well. Due to the amount of time that BPM was not able to safely complete these, we have quite the backlog of inspections that need to be completed.

We would like to ask that you be cooperative and help us during this time and work to get these completed for the owners to view. 

Renewal inspections take about 15-20 minutes and are a walkthrough of the property and includes photos of each room and is to document the condition of the home.

A pet inspection, one you as a tenant already paid for, is again, a quick walk through but does not include photos. Instead it looks specifically for pet related damages, such as scratches, smells, odors, holes in yard, etc.

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