Lease Options

“What if I need a lease shorter than 12 months?”

“Do you offer a 6 month lease?”

“Can I stay for one more month to finish up my schooling?”

All are very common questions received by landlords and property managers. BarronsPM offers a 12 month lease, a 7 month lease and a month to month option.

A lease under 6 months and 1 day is considered a vacation rental and BPM no longer manages that type of rentals. BPM offers a 7 month lease. This is a “long term” rental and is available for most properties, pending owner approval.

Another alternative to a 12 month lease is a month to month agreement, which is an extension of the lease you already signed with BarronsPM. It is only available after a 12 month or 7 month lease. This option is available for UP TO 3 MONTHS. After those 3 months, a new 12 or 7 month lease must be signed, or the tenant must vacate the premises.

Both are great options for someone who knows they will be moving in the near future but not immediately. If you are one of these renters, you should check in with BPM about the options available to you and the property.

If you sign a 12 month lease then move 4 months in due to relocation or just bad planning in general, you will be liable for rent and care of the property until the end of your lease or until a new tenant is secured for the property, regardless if you are still living there or not.

We never like to lose tenants, but we understand jobs change locations, situations change, salaries differ year to year, more kids, and empty nesters downsize. We are always happy to talk with any tenant of ours about moving to a bigger or small residence we have available.

Make sure to talk with your property manager/landlord and get your plan ready, your lease is always available for review in your tenant portal, make sure you know when it ends, what the notice requirement is and what the move out procedures are.

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