The Pandemic

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During this difficult time, there have been many questions coming up about job loss and rent payments.  Now, if you are a tenant or owner, you have received an email letter to address those items, however we feel it should be reiterated.

All rent payments remain due per the lease agreement. We understand some tenants may have lost income from closures due to this unique situation. Please make sure to let Barrons PM know, we will also accept partial rent payments.

All owners should be prepared for the possibility of a late rent payment or a partial payment.

We will continue to allow online payments for those tenants who are allowed to do so. There is no fee for paying online, but you must select the E-CHECK option.

Any tenants no longer allowed to pay rent online can mail there checks to our office, or can personally deliver them to our office using the mail slot on the back door of our office.

All rent payments done via check must be completely filled out and labeled with the tenant name and address and sealed in an envelope.

In addition to rent, maintenance will be completed if and when safe to do so. You will also be asked if you are in quarantine or been around someone sick. Any maintenance items sent in that are not urgent, will be placed on hold until safe to complete.

All pet and renewal inspection will be delayed to prevent any possible spread of germs.

Our office hours have also been altered during this time. We are also not allowing any walk-ins or appointments. Should you call no be answered, please leave a brief message with your name, number, property, and reason for your call and it will be returned as soon as possible.

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