Rent payments

Hi Tenants!

Now that we are in the middle of February, most tenants have paid rent!

Some have even paid for March already (way to go!)

Some have not even paid February, which was due on the 1st….

When asked “when will rent be paid?” some tenants respond with “when this gets done, I will pay rent”, this is NOT a valid reason to withhold rent.

Keeping the line of communication open with your property manager is the best thing to do. Not letting your property manager know your situation, when you plan to pay, and/or avoiding calls/messages/emails will only cause more problems.

Make sure to update your property manager with issues and changes.

The owner has to be updated promptly on why rent was not paid on time, when it will be received, etc.

We understand sometimes there are situations that cannot be avoided. We will try to work with you first, it is in your best interest and ours for you to pay rent, whether it be on time or a few days late. But when rent becomes 5, 7, 10, days late, etc., we are obligated by our commitment to the owner to resolve the situation and that could mean a 3 day notice being posted on the property.

Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Paying on time will go toward potential rental references in the future
  • Rent goes to maintenance needed/completed at the property
  • You don’t have any utilities to pay if you are evicted for not paying rent
  • Putting your best foot forward will show goodwill for a possible lease renewal
  • Raise your credit score (Bonus!)
  • Avoid late fees (Always a good thing)
  • Avoid 3 day notice to vacate / eviction (big no-no & follows you for years!)
  • SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING, paying a partial amount and the rest at a later date is better than not paying anything.

In summary, pay rent on time and TALK TO YOUR PROPERTY MANAGER.

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