Cold weather in the Gulf Coast

The chill has arrived! Hopefully this was already completed but have re-posted. Have you remembered your annual furnace tune-up?

*A professional will check your system and clean it, which ensures that it will operate at its maximum efficiency. This guarantees lower utility bills, saving you money.

*Most furnaces will last as long as 20 years or more it properly maintained. However, a furnace system can wear itself out quickly without a yearly cleaning and inspections.

*Annual servicing can be as little as $100 – far better than the cost of a new furnace.

* Investing in regular furnace maintenance can limit repairs over the lifetime of the system. With your repairs, your cost of your heating unit is less. A few things checked out by a professional on your annual tune-up include:

*electrical and gas connections. They are tightened accordingly; operational pressures are checked

*Condenser coils are cleaned

*Motors current and voltage are measured

*Safety switches are checked for proper operation of the high limit switch control. They shut down the furnace automatically in the event of dangerous temperatures and or other malfunctions.

*Moving parts are cleaned and lubricated to reduce friction

*The thermostat is check for operation and accuracy to verify that is signals on and off cycles to the furnace correctly

*Lower assembly is cleaned

*Condensation drain lines are cleaned

*Air filter is clean them replaced

As the theory goes – Take care of your things and your things will take care of you



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