Tips for Fall and Winter

5 Fall Safety Tips

CHECK THE CHIMNEY: Inspect your chimney to make sure it is unobstructed. If you will be burning wood in a fireplace, have the chimney inspected to make sure it is in good condition and free of creosote buildup.

KNOW WHERE THE SHUT OFF IS: If you are traveling this Holiday Season, turn off your water. A flooded home can be prevented by turning off the water supply.

NEVER HEAT WITH AN OVEN: On chilly autumn mornings, avoid the temptation to warm the kitchen with a gas range or an open oven door. This is a common cause of kitchen fires.

WATCH SPACE HEATERS: Be cautious with portable heaters or space heaters, making sure to follow manufacturer instructions for safe venting and use. Place them at least three feet away from any combustibles, such as wallpaper, bedding, draperies, clothing and furniture. Never leave them operating when you are away from the room or asleep. Don’t leave children or pets unattended with space heaters, and never use them to dry clothing, shoes or mittens.

LIGHT FOR SAFETY: As days grow short, make sure outdoor lighting is in good working order. Good lighting can protect you against crime and falls or accidents caused by darkness. Inspect fixtures and outlets for weather damage and replace burnt-out bulbs.

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