Liability Insurance Requirement

Good Day to all our Owners and Tenants!

As most of our current residents know, we have started a new program, The Tenant Benefit Package.

The main item in this package is the REQUIRED $100,000 liability Insurance. This is not the same thing as Renters Insurance. Although, some Renters policies do have this available as an add on.

This does not protect tenant belongings, it is a protection for injuries that could occur on the property, such as a person falling, dog attack, etc.

Our Tenant Benefit Package has the policy included with the price ($29/month), however, if you have your own coverage through your own provider, the price will be reduced to $20/month.

In order to acknowledge your coverage, Barrons Property Managers must be added onto the policy as an “additionally interested party”. This allows us to be notified if the policy goes unpaid or is not renewed or lapses.

We cannot do anything else, we cannot alter the policy or change any information or coverage.

Check our the full details under the Tenant Benefit Package page of our website here.

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