Hurricane Season

With a close call this week, our tenants and owners are concerned about another potential storm hitting our area.

Barrons Property Managers emailed all tenants last week about what to do in case a hurricane does come to our area.

All outdoor sports equipment, potted plants and flowers, lawn furniture, and other outdoor items are to be brought inside the home, garage, or shed.

Tenants are not permitted to install storm shutters or boards. If the owner of the property wishes for them to be installed, BarronsPM will have a licensed vendor complete this task. They will also remove them once safe to do so.

In the event a tenant feels the need to evacuate the area due to a storm, they are directed to follow the guidelines in the tenant handbook. This handbook is emailed to all tenants at move in and at every renewal thereafter. It is also available 24/7 on our website under the tenant dropdown button.

For properties with no shutters, owners have asked for estimates to be prepared. Most of the time, when a storm is forcasted to our area, it is too late to ask for shutters or boards. Any Owner wanting to acquire shutters or boards, are asked to do so before the season starts.

Email is a very important means of communication for BPM. It allows us to generate and email owners, tenants and vendors in a short period of time. Please make sure to regularly check your email and to update the email on file.

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